For the past several years, Mary Quinn Doyle, a Maine writer and photographer, has volunteered to travel around Maine visiting over 185 unique farms. She has taken many photos and written stories about 178 of these farms.

A 296-page book about this volunteer endeavor has been completed. It contains 440 color photographs. All types of farms can be found in the book, including organic and conventional farms, school and research farms, fiber farms, dairy farms, tree-related farms, and highly-diversified farms.  There are stories about Maine farmers who specialize in raising animals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Several historical and cultural farms are profiled, along with various farms which focus on the preservation of land, heirloom seeds, and heritage breeds of animals. There are sections in the book about Native farming and gathering with representation from four Maine Indian tribes. Various aquaculture operations in Maine are also showcased.

Agricultural endeavors taking place at farms with contributions from refugees and immigrants, migrant and guest workers, homeless residents, the incarcerated, single parents, and individuals with mental and physical challenges are also highlighted.  All the stories found in Unique Maine Farms contribute to the premise of the book that various types of farming and gardening can conceivably bring enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment to everyone.

Since the beginning of this project, Mary Quinn Doyle pledged to have the book printed in Maine on Maine paper. It was felt that it was only right that a book that focuses on Maine’s farms and forests should support Maine paper and printing businesses.

Proceeds from the sale of the books will be used to donate a complimentary copy of the book to every library in Maine, and to support the educational outreach components of the Unique Maine Farms’ project which includes a traveling photo exhibit, slideshow and discussion program, and interactive farm-related puppet show for young children.

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Thank you for your support of this volunteer project which promotes the diversity of farms throughout Maine.


Ordering Unique Maine Farms’ Book